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On Line & On Site consulting

To help you and your institution offers flex consulting on line and when needed on site with the objective of speeding up response time, minimizing travel expenses, and most importantly maximizing your revenues.

Consulting On Line ⇿ On Site consulting will utilize technologies of:

  • Texting
  • E-mail
  • Personal phone calls
  • Small-group Zoom conference calls

Over a 40-year fundraising career Tom Wilson has worked as a staff leader and capital campaign consultant creating innovative capital and special project campaign and re-energizing stalled efforts.  People generous with their donations and their time as board members have taught us many lessons and fundraising principles. proposes a ¼-day-a-month, adaptable consulting arrangement to interact with you, your fundraising staff team, and others at your organization who may need major gift coaching and training (executive team members, deans, physicians / faculty, board members).

The monthly subscription is $777. We track our time usage and carry forward unused time to the next month. If we go over time a little, that’s okay as you can borrow up to 2 months’ future time. This is a subscription service that can be stopped with 90-days’ notice. There are a limited number of client relationships available through our COLOS program.

Our task together is to create 3 X to 5 Xx ROI (return on investment) through increased gifts, better performing staff, and peace of mind that you are working smarter.

As one of our past clients, John noted:

“This on consulting on line on site plan begins to fulfill the promise of technology to make us more efficient and reduce expenses. You have a very impressive resume of major gift success. Some consultants are just teachers instead of fundraisers. You’ve raised a ton of money for lots of various clients.” will still be available for more intensive and extensive consulting work as described in our other client services on our website.

Let us know what you need and we can develop a mutually beneficial proposal to achieve your goals for our work together. Contact us at

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